The Heart | Wild And Free

By May 26, 2020Adventure

Wild and free it is. It’s dwelling places are deep and wide that other men can not tame. If it was created by God, for God, what human can tell it what to do? It submits to its creator, and in its glorious purpose and wild form, impacts all who come into contact with it. It takes others into new frontiers, and leads them into unknown and unchartered waters. Just as much as confidence and power radiate from it, so does love, peace, and empowerment. It was made to take action in ways that many will never understand. It was made to rest in ways that many can not comprehend. The heart of man redeemed by Jesus as well as the ocean is wild and free for monumental purpose in this life.

I spent some time writing this from prayer and long moments of examining the ocean. Curious in what God would show me through it. The greatest attack on humanity is of the heart, and the greatest story of redemption is of the heart. Everything we see and experience, whether good or bad, is from the overflow of the human heart. It’s not a behavior issue we have as humans, it’s belief issues we have. I learned that in extremely challenging ways growing up, and through those challenges, truth was found. At the end of the day, I think even though common culture is to fulfill whatever desires we have, the deeper truth is we are all longing to fulfill the purpose we are created for. When I look at the ocean or mountains with pure eyes, I see glimpses of what I desire for my heart to continually grow to be: Creation that is wild and gloriously represents the beauty of God through a story that has no filter.

Photo: @heather.dortch

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